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Neat 2.0 is here 🎉

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After over a year's worth of work, we finally released Neat version 2.0!! I'm incredibly excited to see this work coming to fruition. I put together a couple of things in association with the release including the new website for Neat at as well as introductory blog post

There's a ton of work still to be done and we're always going to be looking to improve both the documentation and the product, but I'm so excited to share this with the world and see how designers use this in the wild.

Have fun!! website

Edit —

I have also released an article outlining some best practices on how to get started with Neat and some of the core functionality. The article, entitled "Getting started with Neat 2.0, a lightweight and flexible Sass grid" is available at Getting started with Neat 2.0 and features a bunch of illustrations from Qian Sun that look amaaaaaazing 👏👏👏! We also created a iOS messages app based on these illustrations which you can find on the iOS Store.