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Will H McMahan

Twitter New York

Hi, I'm Will. I have been working as a Product Designer and CD in NYC for a little over 10 yrs specialize in UX, information design, front-end, team leadership, open source, and visual communication.

LOLA — Organic Feminine Care

web design  ✺  brand

Some recent Dribbble posts 🏀🏀🏀

illustration  ✺  web design  ✺  open source

Neat 2.0 is here 🎉

New illustrations added to Foundry

illustration  ✺  open source  ✺  web design

Cask grid


open source  ✺  web design  ✺  illustration

Indikitch: the Indian Kitchen

food  ✺  packaging  ✺  brand

Navigating SEO/Social Strategy

Podcasts I'm listening to in 2016

CSS/SASS Styling for code blocks

Japan 2015