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Some recent Dribbble posts 🏀🏀🏀

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These are a few more illustrations, logos and more that I have done and posted to dribbble.

Gitsh logo

The gitsh program is an interactive shell for git. From within gitsh you can issue any git command, even using your local aliases and configuration.

The updated logos for Neat and Bitters

Some more open source work here with updated logos for Neat and Bitters.

The Swish logo

Swish is a networking library that is particularly meant for requesting and decoding JSON via Argo. It is protocol based, and so aims to be easy to test and customize.

The Foundry logo

Foundry is a library of open source SVG illustrations from the designers at thoughtbot.

an illustration of a bucket and ladder

Just a bucket… and a ladder.

An alternate depiction of the Superb logo

Superb is a pluggable HTTP authentication for Swift, extensible without requiring any source modifications or pull requests.

An illustration of Snakes and ladders

This is an illustration for Neat that originally appeared in a "Neat 2.0 Building the future of floated Sass grids".